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Fuel System Gaskets

Fuel system gaskets are critical to proper engine function. A failed gasket can cause an improper fuel mixture, poor fuel mileage, emission control issues, and driveability problems such as stalling, hesitation and rough idling. In today’s vehicles with closed-loop engine management systems, a leaking gasket can trigger a Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL).



Fel-Pro® offers a full range of gaskets for reliably solving fuel system sealing problems. They include:

  • Carburetor mounting gaskets
  • Air cleaner gaskets
  • Throttle body (TBI) gaskets
  • Fuel injector o-rings
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No one tailors their materials to the application the way Fel-Pro does. Our engineers know a “one material fits all” approach is no solution.

For instance, for certain types of throttle bodies, a paper gasket may be perfect, while others may require paper enhanced with Printoseal® sealing beads or even a molded rubber gasket. For the right solution for each specific application, the brand to trust is Fel-Pro.

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TECHNICAL NOTE: Late-model vehicles may utilize several types of replacement TBI gaskets: Press-in-place (spaghetti style), edge-molded rubber, molded rubber sealing bead on a plastic (resin) carrier, and rubber-coated metal. Long-lasting Fel-Pro gaskets, available in all these forms, have the conformability that lightweight castings and surface irregularities require.

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